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Papain is a plant Protease derived from the Papaya fruit. The unripe fruit is first tapped, and then the latex is dried and finally purified to get the enzyme. Methods of purification include water extraction with reducing and chelating agents, salt precipitation and solvents for converting it to Papain.

Papain is widely used in the Neutraceuticals industry as a protease enzyme to help protein digestion. They split the chains of proteins producing small peptides and eventually free the amino acids, which can be absorbed by the human body.


Papain is used in combination with other enzymes to make digestive enzyme formulations.

Working Conditions:
Papain has an optimum activity at pH 5.0 but it is very effective over a pH range of 3.0 to 8.0. It has an optimum activity at a temperature of 40oC but is very effective between 30-60oC.

Packing and Storage:
Papain is available in 25kg HDPE pack. The product should be stored under cool and dry conditions in an airtight container.

Technical Specifications