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Bromelain enzyme is the collective term for enzymes, principally proteolytic enzymes, derived from the ripe and unripe fruit, as well as the stem and leaves of the pineapple plant. Commercial bromelain is
typically stem bromelain. Bromelain is mainly comprised of cysteine proteases, with smaller amounts of acid phosphatase, peroxidase, amylase and cellulase. Bromelain contains at least four distinct
cysteine proteases. The principal stem protease is called stem bromelain or stem bromelain protease. Two additional proteases found in the stem are called ananain and comosain. Fruit bromelain is the
name given to the principal protease found in the fruit. Stem protease is a basic glycoprotein with a molecular weight of 33,000 Daltons.

Bromelain is a powder enzyme with an activity of 2400 GDU/g


1. Bromelain when added to dough during baking hydrolyses the gluten and softens the dough.It also improves the quality and taste of biscuits and bread.
2. Bromelain is used in the dairy industry for casein condensation during cheese making
3. Bromelain is used in the meat industry for meat tenderizing
4. Bromelain is used in the cosmetics industry due to its property of skin rejuvenation and whitening
5. Bromelain also finds application in the pharmaceutical industry. If finds application as
a. A digestive aid and anti-diarrheal
b. Anti-inflammatory
c. Anti-carcinogenic – used to inhibit tumor cell growth
d. An agent in hastening the wound healing process caused due to some injury or surgery
e. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Bromelain is available in 25 Kg HDPE drums.

Bromelain should be stored in cool and dry environment. Bromelain is stable for 6 months under these conditions.