Beta glucanase

Beta glucanase

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Beta-glucanase is a thermostable enzyme, which has both beta 1 – 3 and beta 1 – 4 endo-glucanase activities.

Beta-glucanase digests high molecular weight beta glucans in grain and cereal based food and can be used in the treatment of endosperm cell walls that contain about 70% beta glucans.


Beta-glucanase is used in combination with other enzymes to make digestive enzyme formulations.

Working Conditions:
Beta-glucanase has an optimum activity at pH 5.5 but it is very effective over a pH range of 3.0 to 8.0. It has an optimum activity at a temperature of 40oC but is very effective between 30-60oC.

Packing and Storage:
Beta-glucanase is available in 25kg HDPE pack. The product should be stored under cool and dry conditions in an airtight container.

Technical Specifications